Saturday, August 16, 2003

I saw Flywheel from Sherwood pictures: an excellent picture about a used car salesman who turns his life over to God and decides to start running an honest business.

It's a good movie. The acting's not the best, but is very good for a low budget picture. It has a very powerful message and a great story line. I heartily reccomend it. It really made me think.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I'm searching for Alan Keyes. Can't find him anywhere. Hasn't been in the news for four months. He's expected to be in Alabama in a few days. Gosh, I wish I could be here.
Speaking of, I read a story attacking Bill Simon standing against Arnold. It was a very slanted Report in the Washington Times. I pointed out that when it came to intraparty issues, the Washington Times was not always objective and mentioned an article from 2000 where they implied Alan Keyes was in the Presidential race merely to thwart Steve Forbes. As soon as I posted it, it occurred to me that someone might say, "I'd like to see that article."

But I didn't know where it was. I was up until 1:30 a.m. trying to find it. I tracked it down at last and no one called me on it. So, sometimes I worry about nothing or I'm going overboard in my "show prep". Still here's the link.
Found this interesting article on It's from on Howard Dean. Read the article, it's fascinating writing. If Howard Dean comes to your area ask him if he's ever performed an abortion? We all deserve an answer.
Everyone who is against Pete Rose being admitted is getting soft on allowing Rose in the Hall. Liberal Rob Neyer proposes that Rose be allowed in and that a heretofore unmade distinction be made between betting on your team and betting against it.

Neyer argues that having the Pete Rose issue unresolved is a problem for Major League Baseball. The problem Rob is that it was resolved by Bart Giamatti. No one seems willing to let this be resolved, but rather wants to feel sorry for a man who chose to ruin his own career.
In his latest column in regards to a Baseball Prospectus report that Baseball intends to allow Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame back into baseball and to manage.

Caple has no problem enshrining Rose in Cooperstown even though Joe Jackson and everyone else who was involved in gambling on the game is banned, but he takes issue with putting Rose as a manager. He points out that in addition to the fact that Rose can't be trusted. He points out that a lot of people have been waiting to manage including Yankees Coach Willie Randolph.

I wonder personally why Randolph doesn't have a position. He interviewed for several positions. Maybe Randolph is like me. I don't interview well either.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Bill Simon was quoted on as saying, " "He's known from the standpoint of name identification, but... from the standpoint of where he stands on the issues, from the standpoint of what his priorities are, he's a blank slate," Simon told CNN's American Morning. "We need to hear from Arnold." This was roundly mocked by Arnold supporters but they should pay attention. Simon knows of what he speaks.

Last year, he was the hot political commodity until a sudden downfall due to charges that were eventually refuted. Simon knows that even with a well-established agenda, everything can go south in a moment. The idea that anyone should pack it in at this point is absurd. Arnold has yet to prove himself a lasting force.
While in Bigfork, I visited the library and I heard a couple women in a conversation about Ann Coulter. One lady said that she didn't like Coulter because of the way she was constantly flicking her hair and that it detracts from what she says. The other lady complained that her long hair would cause people not to take her seriously.

It's an interesting commentary I suppose. I don't think long, blonde hair does not detract from Coulter's political message. It'd be sexist to suggest this about a liberal but as I heard two women suggesting it about a conservative, the PC police won't mind.

The idea seems odd that that for a woman to have a feminine style of hair and feminine mannerisms shoudl cause her to have less credibility. This is only true if feminism created a world where women could only be respected by being less feminine. As a serious pundit whose not ashamed of being feminine and does not alternate her hairstyles between "shoulder length and short", Coulter will cause feminists a few heart attacks. Or I should say a few more.
Went to Bigfork for an interview. Now, the interview went well, but I must carefully advise those who are visiting Montana to enjoy the beauty of the state not to visit Bigfork for your own good.

TIf you're into art, it has some attractions but otherwise is an over-priced place where tourists come to surrender their money. The high costs of goods in the town are out of control. If you're coming to Glacier to witness the failed forest management policies of the Clinton administration, buy your food and goods in Kalispell or prepare to get soaked in Bigfork.
Continuing on the same vain. Occupational based interviewing and testing will work best. Give employees situations like they'll be working in. I have to admit the way Don Cyphers hired me made sense.

I called Cyphers up on the phone and was asking where to send my resume. He said he didn't care about my resume. He just cared if I could write. He put me on the spot at 4 o'clock on a Friday afternoon and gave me a deadline: I had two hours to get him two stories. He hung up the phone and I panicked. Everything was closed, everyone was out of town. Somehow I tracked down a story and the rest is history (or legal history as the case may be).

The man was a fraud and a crook but he had the most common sense, effective away of screening an employee. I give him that much.
Went to an application writing class. Oh man, the application gives me a headache. It's a nightmarish thing, I dread and hate the application and this class hasn't helped that. There's so much artificial effort required to get a job, it's not funny.

The lady teaching the class, told us it's all a game. It's a game set up by employers but I seriously doubt they come out better for it. You may get someone capable of making their getting fired for being late for work positive but are you getting an employee who's going to really do well for your company.

I've been through so many rings, hoops, and circles and gotten so much contradictory information, it's absurd. What employers don't know is that they're being taken. There are people who know how to work the system but will not do a good job. I've seen people who can just walk into a business and the employer will say, "You're hired!" and then they'll be late for work all the time or flake out on you.

I've seen others who may not apply well, may not interview well, but when they get on the job, they'll be a heck of an employee. It's really time for smart employers to find some way to base their decision on who can do the job best, not who has the best suit and who can kiss up to them the most.

Monday, August 11, 2003

A new Screwtape Report has been released. Most of the reports have a good deal of humor in them, so maybe I'm not bad in the entertainment value portion of blogging. In fact, I probably rock. :)
There's something rotten in the State of California. Three very different, divergent polls have been released in the last few days:

In the CNN-Time Poll taken last week Arnold leads the Lieutenant Governor 25-15%. A Majority support the recall.

In the MSNBC poll Arnold leads 31-18. 59% favored recalling Davis.

In the most amazing poll result from 10 News and Survey USA, the State terminates Davis with extreme prejudice (66% favor recalling) and then Arnold terminates Lt. Governor Bustamante (51-17%). Now folks, people do not change their minds so quickly.

The polls are varying so much on the top two questions that it's ridiculous. One big problem may be that none took a big enough sample, each asked around 500 voters and I have a stinking suspicion that a larger sample will lead to a different result.

The only way this shift is even possible is if California voters have decided: 1) Davis will be recalled, 2) Arnold will be the next governor, 3) the state needs to be unified. The higher the vote for Arnold, the easier it will be for him to govern, the easier it will be for him to resolve the state's impossible problems. For Californians to make such a quick analysis seems unlikely. Rather the sample is probably very flawed.
I have more time to blog when I'm unemployed. Is that odd or what?

Looking for works is the greatest drudgery on the face of the Earth. I don't exaggerate. It's bad when you're doing wrong, it's worse when you're doing it right. When you're doing it wrong, you're sending the resume off to every employer and getting rejected. When you're doing it right, you're handcrafting resumes to each employer's needs and not getting considered.

Let me be clear. I love working. I wrote a poem about working after I got my last job at Stream International and found a measure of success:

I thank the Lord for hands with which to work,
I praise Him for a voice to rejoice despite the jerks,
I lift up my voice to the One on High,
Who gives me my daily bread to live by,
I thank him for the trials,
I praise him for the smiles,
I thank Him for hard honest toil,
I praise Him for the fertile soil,
I thank Him for the pay,
I praise Him for every day,
I thank Him for doing more than His part,
I praise Him for the joy of working with all my heart.

To work is to live, to have a function in society. I'm on my second week of looking for work without a job and I'm going stir crazy. Prior to the site closure I was looking while working which was exhausting. Something should be about to break. If not, I'll be on unemployment which bothers me to no end. I want to be working, not living off the government. I'm not judging those who do take unemployment. (My wife is amongst those doing so.) But, I don't want an unemployment check, I want to work.
I heard Rush read the following article on the air and it's given me some thought about how I can improve my blogging.

Some of it's not applicable. The first point of show prep is obviously not. I am very careful to research my case to make the best case I can. I don't blog as much as most bloggers. I've found that being unemployed gives me more time to Blog.

I've been guilty of bad blogging in terms of design. Until today, my font has been far too tiny and I've been using the HTML pargraph tag when it has been merited but I will reform. Of course, bad design depends on whether just the blog is the blog or my whole site of which the blog is only a part is the blog. If the latter is the case, the design is adequate but is now better.

The areas that I suffer most in is entertainment value and the audience bond. The entertainment value is marginal. There's very little entertainment value in Michael Reagan and a lot less in Hannity. The lack of a personal bond and personal stories is problematic. From this day forward though, I will reform. You'll see. This will be a very different Adam's Blog.
Came up with a fair compromise on the McClintock-Simon-Arnold issue:

I think that right now the race is Arnold's to lose. I wouldn't put too much stock in these early polls. One poll shows simon in 3rd, one shows Uberoff, and one shows McClintock. It doesn't look good for either of them politically at this point.
But, I would hasten to add this is very early. We're two months before the election for crying out loud. If I'm in the Simon or McClintock campaign, I know that this is bad, but that Arnold may very well fade down the stretch.

I would spend the next six weeks trying to win the governorship, and I'd watch Arnold very closely. If two weeks before the election, McClintock and Simon are still in single digits and Arnold's ahead, they should get out.

What Arnold supporters are asking is a little on the absurd side. They want every other Republican to drop out, leaving us with no fall back should Arnold implode.

There's a lot of stuff the Democrats are going to throw at him in this campaign and we have no clue if it's going to stick. If it does and Arnold's damaged, strategically we'd be left with no fallback. His political career is six days old. He has yet to articulate a single issue for the voters of California and Simon and McClintock should drop out?

I think the nervous nellys in the Arnold camp need to chill, hear Arnold's campaign play out, and ease off of Simon, Uberoth, and McClintock. Let these guys see if they can sell themselves to voters. If they're not able to connect with voters then they should just go ahead and drop out.

We're a long ways from that decision, however.

I'd hasten to add that this decision is easy for me to make in Montana, but I'd have a heck of a time voting for Arnold under any circumstances if I had to make the call.
Okay, so Drudge was wrong about Arnold. I think Schwarzenegger isn't the best Republican in the race, but we may see a huge surprise this October. Polls mean nothing. The best candidate is about 16 points back, but people are just getting established right now.

Expect some things to come down the pike soon. Currently I'm working on an e-book for and will soon officially endorse a Presidential Candidate for 2004. I'm looking for work and may be looking at an out of state move. The Flathead Valley is Northwest Montana is a great place to live by the price of living here is really high. I'm sorry to say.