Friday, December 05, 2003

I receive the most ironic e-mail ever from We the People reminding us that gifts to We the People are tax deductible. One of the big premises of We the People is that the income tax itself is illegal and that we don't have to file our taxes or do withholding. It's sort of like Green Peace telling everyone to drive their SUVs to the next meeting.
Being at, I'm honored to write on same board as Ryan Thompson, a 17 year old Conservative writer in Pennsylvania. I'm not that much older than he (6 years), but I take issue slightly with his latest column. In his column, he writes,

I am willing to ignore the increase in governmental spending because of the Global War on Terrorism because I know freedom is not free and that fighting for it is very expensive.

Now, I take issue with Thompson on this point. We can tolerate the President's increase, but we cannot ignore it. Conservatives are not going to except uninterrupted out of control growth of the government anymore they'll except unlimited abortion.

We can't let this lead us to destructive actions, but we have to plan to elect more Conservative members of Congress and a President in 2008 who will stand for less government and more freedom.
I have to say that is getting a little a picky. I tried to post my article from and was informed that the site did not welcome comment from I instead posted an excerpt from the Blog and was informed that items from belong in General Interest and wouldn't do an override. I'll have to wait until I get home to upload the file as HTML to

I don't get how they can on one hand not WELCOME the work of myself, Jonathan David Morris, and others on but not allow it when it's on It makes no sense to me.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

It's been a long time, too long since my last post. I've made innumerable updates to The Screwtape Report and my politics page, as well as a number of Baseball columns. The Baseball isn't fully update, should be soon. I also updated my work biography .

One of my political columns was quoted extensively by one of the top blogs on the net. The Publisher of Solport says my column on Howard Dean's southern comments echo the views of his wife, who is a Southerner.

I wrote this from the perspective of not being a Southerner. There used to be a time when I was bothered whenever I saw the Confederate Flag. It still bugs me in some contexts. It probably doesn't belong over the South Carolina Capitol, but the Southern bashing is getting out of hand. It's become an obsession of liberals to attack this region of our Country with a ferocious vengeance and it's wrong. The Democrats are the true bigots today.