Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Have you ever felt like you're witnessing the end of an era? America has great institutions of government that are slowly being degraded, as hardly anyone, not even the people in those institution understand how they're supposed to work. In America, the love of the church has grown cold. It's a lack of love that crosses all denominational barriers. I don't care whether you're Pentecostal, Baptist, or Catholic, there's been less of a committement to the faith.

I just finished a book by Rick Warren called the Purpose Driven Life. The book's far from perfect, especially as far as the writing goes. But if people would really apply want Warren says, Christians in America could change this country. Sadly, I fear much of his good advice will go unheeded. The heart of the church is cold and needs to awaken to God's truth. Sadly, I fear we're losing our way to sins of worldliness and materialism. The American church is becoming so cold, it's very sad.

I find myself wondering if this is the "Great Falling Away" and whether at last we will see the return of our Lord, who'll set all right. Though, we must go through the fire, come Lord Jesus, come.

Sadly, this is probably just another great apostasy that Christians must survive and fight through and that God must move to bring revival. Still, it seems worse than reports of times past. Then again, it's different I suppose when you read about something as opposed to living through it. The Saints of old thought the end was near to. Work while the light is with you for the hour of darkness comes when no man can work.