Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I have to raise a serious concern. Reading on Free Republic. Ralph Nader is trying to decide whether to run for President and is asking for advice from his supporters. Some Freepers are proposing that conservatives lie and deceive Mr. Nader into believing that he has thousands of supporters willing to vote for him no matter what, when the fact is that they would rather eat glass than vote Mr. Nader.

I seriously think that this dishonesty is wrong. We don't have to take the low road of American politics to win. What's being proposed by many Conservatives in this as well as in turning out to boost the campaigns of Al Sharpton and Howard Dean is bad for our Republic. The integrity of the two party system is vital and members of both parties are behaving in such a disreputable way as to destroy it's integrity.

I also question the wisdom of voting for people based on some strategic motives, because we don't know what tomorrow holds. The New Hampshire Republicans who for a few weeks has joined the Democratic Party to vote for Dean may find himself regretting it, when/if his "choice" wins the General election. How would a German feel if he voted for the "Nazi's" as a strategic move?

This is all quite silly too as you really only have one vote and one vote will not make the difference between winning and losing for anybody in 99% of elections. So go out vote honestly and vote your conscience.