Thursday, November 14, 2002


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My e-book is out! The title is "Life, Love, and God in Montana". It's available for $2.95 from
Got to go to Northridge Heights Church of God tonight and during the course of the Bible Study I got my sermon for Saturday Morning.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Big announcement for tonight coming. Watch this space. BTW, please sign my guestbook. No one has touched it in almost two months.
I added a page explaining how I was never an Independent Contractor for Don Cyphers to the Montana Fraud Association. I've also jazzed up the site with a brand new navigation bar at the bottom of every page (except the front page). Check it out and enjoy my site!
I finally won an award. Guy still hasn't linked me from the winner's list. Is it me or have awards gotten harder to win? My old site was really crummy but I still managed to win 20 awards and this one is a lot better I'm struggling just to get one.
Found one longer serving court: The Marshall Court (1812-1823) was together for 11 years between the appointment of Joseph Story and that of Smith Thompson with no changes at all. I found very few courts that were together for more than five or six years without a death or resignation leading to a new appointment. Depending on how long O'Connor, Stevens, and Rehnquist want to hang on, this court may make break a record. I hope not, but it could happen.
By the way, in that same article, it reads

We're going to see a philosophical revolution in the courts," said Bruce Fein, a Reagan administration lawyer. Though he said the courts will let stand the landmark Roe v. Wade decision because undoing it would be "too wrenching," he said Bush's nominees will impose a variety of new abortion restrictions.

Am I the only one who doesn't see how returning the abortion issue to the states would be wrenching at all? Regardless, federal judges unless they're Supreme Court Justices aren't going to be able to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Another thought occurred to me. Did you know that this Supreme Court has been together longer than the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync? They also survived the brief popularity of Hanson. They were together before Keenan and Kel of Nickelodeon fame got together. I'll have to do some research and find out how many courts have been together this long.

Read a distubring article in the Washington Post Online via the Drudge Report. According to this article, the President is nervous about Senator Lott's pledge that he will pass a Partial Birth Abortion Ban, fearing that it will look like he's been captured by "the party's idealogues". (what the Washington Post calls the men and women who spend their lives getting Republicans into office.

The White House line is that social conservatives must wait until later, while the Bush Administration advances other causes. Might, I ask a simple question. Why must social conservatives always be at the back of the bus? Why must the administration cater to the extreme homosexual lobby and the dying moderate wing of the Republican party while ignoring Christian Conservatives. If it weren't for abortion, where would Jim Talent be? Heck, Norm Coleman wouldn't even be a Republican if it weren't for the abortion issue.

Abortion was a winning issue for the GOP, yet the President is ready to spurn and delay our agenda in order to please the press and party moderates. The only way Christian Conservatives will ever get ahead in this party is if they take a firm stand and demand action on items of moral conscience, not in an unrealistic way but to get politicians to actually do what they're capable of. Until then, we'll constantly be this party's doormat.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Finally did some updating on the site. Included all my recent columns on the Baseball page. Also added a link exchange , and updated Living Water to include some extra links.

I've also completed most of the work on the e-book, I'll post a link soon but I want to wait until it's perfect which I hope will be soon. :)