Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Read a distubring article in the Washington Post Online via the Drudge Report. According to this article, the President is nervous about Senator Lott's pledge that he will pass a Partial Birth Abortion Ban, fearing that it will look like he's been captured by "the party's idealogues". (what the Washington Post calls the men and women who spend their lives getting Republicans into office.

The White House line is that social conservatives must wait until later, while the Bush Administration advances other causes. Might, I ask a simple question. Why must social conservatives always be at the back of the bus? Why must the administration cater to the extreme homosexual lobby and the dying moderate wing of the Republican party while ignoring Christian Conservatives. If it weren't for abortion, where would Jim Talent be? Heck, Norm Coleman wouldn't even be a Republican if it weren't for the abortion issue.

Abortion was a winning issue for the GOP, yet the President is ready to spurn and delay our agenda in order to please the press and party moderates. The only way Christian Conservatives will ever get ahead in this party is if they take a firm stand and demand action on items of moral conscience, not in an unrealistic way but to get politicians to actually do what they're capable of. Until then, we'll constantly be this party's doormat.