Friday, August 01, 2003

The Graceless Left

Bob Hope died at the age of 100. I thought Bob Hope as a comedian was okay. Bob Hope as a man was far more than that. How few of our modern entertainers would have the courage and guts to go into harms way to bring some "hope" and laughter to the troops. Bob Hope was.

Mr. Hope died and you'd think this would be a time of solemn remembrance and mourning. Instead, it was time for a left wing cultural critic to decry all of this "God Bless America" remembrance of Hope, because he didn't get any of his jokes.

Christopher Hitchens who has now become an expert on comedy has declared Hope "hopelessly unfunny". even daring to accuse him of cowardice. I thought the liberals pecking at Strom Thurmond's corpse was really tasteless, even though Thurmond had done some awful things in his life. Hitchen however has attacked a dead man because his style of comedy didn't exactly fit his tastes and preferences.

How cruel and disrespectful is that? It used to be that when people died, we would put RIP (Rest in Peace) on their grave. Such a practice should be abandonned as the left certainly will have none of that for anyone who did anything for this country.