Monday, August 11, 2003

I have more time to blog when I'm unemployed. Is that odd or what?

Looking for works is the greatest drudgery on the face of the Earth. I don't exaggerate. It's bad when you're doing wrong, it's worse when you're doing it right. When you're doing it wrong, you're sending the resume off to every employer and getting rejected. When you're doing it right, you're handcrafting resumes to each employer's needs and not getting considered.

Let me be clear. I love working. I wrote a poem about working after I got my last job at Stream International and found a measure of success:

I thank the Lord for hands with which to work,
I praise Him for a voice to rejoice despite the jerks,
I lift up my voice to the One on High,
Who gives me my daily bread to live by,
I thank him for the trials,
I praise him for the smiles,
I thank Him for hard honest toil,
I praise Him for the fertile soil,
I thank Him for the pay,
I praise Him for every day,
I thank Him for doing more than His part,
I praise Him for the joy of working with all my heart.

To work is to live, to have a function in society. I'm on my second week of looking for work without a job and I'm going stir crazy. Prior to the site closure I was looking while working which was exhausting. Something should be about to break. If not, I'll be on unemployment which bothers me to no end. I want to be working, not living off the government. I'm not judging those who do take unemployment. (My wife is amongst those doing so.) But, I don't want an unemployment check, I want to work.