Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Went to an application writing class. Oh man, the application gives me a headache. It's a nightmarish thing, I dread and hate the application and this class hasn't helped that. There's so much artificial effort required to get a job, it's not funny.

The lady teaching the class, told us it's all a game. It's a game set up by employers but I seriously doubt they come out better for it. You may get someone capable of making their getting fired for being late for work positive but are you getting an employee who's going to really do well for your company.

I've been through so many rings, hoops, and circles and gotten so much contradictory information, it's absurd. What employers don't know is that they're being taken. There are people who know how to work the system but will not do a good job. I've seen people who can just walk into a business and the employer will say, "You're hired!" and then they'll be late for work all the time or flake out on you.

I've seen others who may not apply well, may not interview well, but when they get on the job, they'll be a heck of an employee. It's really time for smart employers to find some way to base their decision on who can do the job best, not who has the best suit and who can kiss up to them the most.