Monday, August 11, 2003

I heard Rush read the following article on the air and it's given me some thought about how I can improve my blogging.

Some of it's not applicable. The first point of show prep is obviously not. I am very careful to research my case to make the best case I can. I don't blog as much as most bloggers. I've found that being unemployed gives me more time to Blog.

I've been guilty of bad blogging in terms of design. Until today, my font has been far too tiny and I've been using the HTML pargraph tag when it has been merited but I will reform. Of course, bad design depends on whether just the blog is the blog or my whole site of which the blog is only a part is the blog. If the latter is the case, the design is adequate but is now better.

The areas that I suffer most in is entertainment value and the audience bond. The entertainment value is marginal. There's very little entertainment value in Michael Reagan and a lot less in Hannity. The lack of a personal bond and personal stories is problematic. From this day forward though, I will reform. You'll see. This will be a very different Adam's Blog.