Tuesday, August 12, 2003

While in Bigfork, I visited the library and I heard a couple women in a conversation about Ann Coulter. One lady said that she didn't like Coulter because of the way she was constantly flicking her hair and that it detracts from what she says. The other lady complained that her long hair would cause people not to take her seriously.

It's an interesting commentary I suppose. I don't think long, blonde hair does not detract from Coulter's political message. It'd be sexist to suggest this about a liberal but as I heard two women suggesting it about a conservative, the PC police won't mind.

The idea seems odd that that for a woman to have a feminine style of hair and feminine mannerisms shoudl cause her to have less credibility. This is only true if feminism created a world where women could only be respected by being less feminine. As a serious pundit whose not ashamed of being feminine and does not alternate her hairstyles between "shoulder length and short", Coulter will cause feminists a few heart attacks. Or I should say a few more.