Monday, August 11, 2003

Came up with a fair compromise on the McClintock-Simon-Arnold issue:

I think that right now the race is Arnold's to lose. I wouldn't put too much stock in these early polls. One poll shows simon in 3rd, one shows Uberoff, and one shows McClintock. It doesn't look good for either of them politically at this point.
But, I would hasten to add this is very early. We're two months before the election for crying out loud. If I'm in the Simon or McClintock campaign, I know that this is bad, but that Arnold may very well fade down the stretch.

I would spend the next six weeks trying to win the governorship, and I'd watch Arnold very closely. If two weeks before the election, McClintock and Simon are still in single digits and Arnold's ahead, they should get out.

What Arnold supporters are asking is a little on the absurd side. They want every other Republican to drop out, leaving us with no fall back should Arnold implode.

There's a lot of stuff the Democrats are going to throw at him in this campaign and we have no clue if it's going to stick. If it does and Arnold's damaged, strategically we'd be left with no fallback. His political career is six days old. He has yet to articulate a single issue for the voters of California and Simon and McClintock should drop out?

I think the nervous nellys in the Arnold camp need to chill, hear Arnold's campaign play out, and ease off of Simon, Uberoth, and McClintock. Let these guys see if they can sell themselves to voters. If they're not able to connect with voters then they should just go ahead and drop out.

We're a long ways from that decision, however.

I'd hasten to add that this decision is easy for me to make in Montana, but I'd have a heck of a time voting for Arnold under any circumstances if I had to make the call.