Thursday, July 24, 2003

Not One More War

If the question is war, the answer is no. I supported the war in Afghanistan strongly, I stayed neutral throughout the Congressional debate on the war in Iraq but enough is enough. I oppose going to Liberia or any other hellhole that our politicians try and send our troops to.

The idea that patriotism requires we declare our support for every war is repugnant. While the yahoos who've fueled the anti-war movement in this country heretofore have been communists and other malcontents, unlimited continuous war is neither patriotic nor prudent.

Where in the world are our troops? Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, among dozens of others. Our armed forces are stretched thin and I will not support a draft or massive increases in defense spending for the sake of such noble goals such as "ridding the World of evil". (More on that in a future column.)