Monday, July 07, 2003

Having trashed one author published in Slate, let me praise another. William Saletin has done a splendid job in a series of buzzword articles. In the articles, Saletin uses wit and intelligence to get to the heart of the Democratic buzzwords and sayings. So far, he's done all nine Democrats with President Bush remaining. Here's an example of some of Saletin's translation of candidate's statements:

From Dick Gephardt on Fiscal Relief

Example: "Dick Gephardt today announced that his health care plan, if passed into law, would cover all Americans, stimulate the economy and provide the state of New Hampshire $767 million in fiscal relief over the course of three years" (press release, June 3, 2003).

What it means: Money.

What it hides: The money gets counted three times: as health care, economic stimulus, and aid to states and cities. And by the way, it comes from you.

Subtext: What I've learned from 27 years in Congress is to spin everything as a special-interest appropriation.

From Dennis Kucinich on "Free"

Examples: "Democrats can move this county forward … to making education our top funding priority and providing free college education for all" (speech to Democratic National Committee, Feb. 22, 2003). "We need to make it possible for fully paid college in this country, so everyone who wants to go to college, and that includes higher education, and law school, and medical school." (Children's Defense Fund forum, April 9, 2003).

What it means: You pay nothing …

What it hides: … until April 15.

Subtext: Nobody's going to outbid me for the campus vote.

I can't show you anymore, but read the whole series for yourself.