Saturday, May 31, 2003

I've let this place go to pot! I haven't posted anything here in two months. I've got three new updates:

  • Updated the Baseball Page with my latest columns. I've made my upteenth resolution to keep this page updated every week. It's really not that hard. Whenever they post my column, all I need to is change the top page, upload it and note it here, but I can be lazy and forgetful as readers of this board will note as my last post here was in mid-March.

  • Added the Christian Movie Night page to the Living Water Christian Fellowship page . It has pictures from the video cover and links to descriptions of all the movies we'll be showing this Summer. Hope, we have more people coming out this next time.

  • Added the The Screwtape Report, which is the coolest political project I've come up with. I write the columns from the perspective of Dave Screwtape, a Democratic political consultant who is writing a weekly report to fellow Democrats on strategy and policy. It's challenging writing to say the least, but it is worthwile. The reactions I've gotten from Free Republic have been extremely positive. Hopefully, I can sell the Screwtape idea to the big boys.