Saturday, May 31, 2003

I've got to comment on this stupid article I read on BCentral yesterday. The article tells businesspeople three things they shouldn't use technology for:

1) Sending an Anonymous e-mail to one of your competior's customers praising yourself and attacking your competitor.

2) Anonymously posting libelous allegations against your competitor on public message boards

3) Rigging a Chamber of Commerce Businessperson of the Year award voting so that your competitor loses.

Now I have an honest question. Are businesspeople really this stupid and crooked? Do they really need someone to tell them, "Don't do this!"? Maybe the author was simply desperate for a topic and came up with this. We're in a sad state as a country if businessmen find these tactics tempting. Of course, if they have to be told not to do this, she may have to write follow-up columns such as, "How to Not Embezzle Company Funds" and "Sexual Harassment: It's Not a Good Idea".

When I have a case of writer's block next Winter, I can write a column suggest that it's a bad idea for baseball players to crush their arms under buildings, or how its not a good idea to make it your goal to get hit in the groin by the ball, and a follow up column on why Athletic Support cups are good for you.