Friday, January 24, 2003

If you read my guestbook , you'll see the following entry from Jerrod:

I think you need to get a life and allow everyone to watch you and criticize your efforts. Maybe then you will shut up before attacking someone who has done more for hurting people than your critical heart could ever fathom. You don't understand anything so why dont you shutup. People like you hurt men who try and give everything they can and stick there neck out to reach a multiple of differnt types of human beings. Carman teaches biblical truths in every way possible, not to just one close minded I-only-like-things-my-way people like yourself.

First, as to having some criticize my efforts, apparent Jerrod isn't aware that I do indeed have a little brother who knows everything, including the fact that my methods and manner of writing simply doesn't work. I appreciate the efforts of Carman. Indeed, if Jarrod would notice, I put Carman as my top link on the Christian Music page. I'm impressed with his giving free concerts (thought sadly it does appear from what I've seen on his website he has begun to charge again). I also remember seeing him on TBN, and after delivering a wonderful response telling the audience that if his singing blessed them to give God the glory. I think the only other artist I've ever seen do that is Ray Boltz.

My criticism of Carman is he's tried to be too many things to too many people. Should Twila Paris sing Christian Country-style music? Yes. Should Carman with his Eastern Italian accent attempt it? Sorry, Carman, I love you but it just doesn't work. As for Carman rapping? Um, yeah. My problems with rap music aside, he writes such wonderful rap lines as "the son of God pops no jive".

I do have some concerns about some things has done such as "The Champion" (the movie, not the song that I love). I'm sorry but I don't see that movie portraying any biblical truths. It was a remake of Rocky with a little Rambo mixed in. (I'm referring to the drug dealers that got blown up near the end.) Carman's lead character makes out with a woman who he's spent a grand total of 2 hours with in his entire life, while her son sits sleeping in the back seat. This is at best a questionable effort.

Carman has touched hearts and lives. I acknowledge that, but no mere man is above reproach. When I see things going on that I believe to be wrong, I'm obliged to let people know. Carman is a good brother in Christ, but he's not a god. Sadly many commit idolatry by elevating ministers and singers to such heights that any criticism receives a harsh response.

Doubtless, other people will be offended that I included a link to Carman's site at all. Still others will find fault with the fact that I write a baseball column. That's one thing about my site, there's something to offend everyone. :)