Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's the Deal

Okay, the old blog is down for now. I'm uploading a new version of my blog software that's supposed to be easier on the Database and make it run more efficiently. If that works, my normal blog could be up by the end of the Evening.

I'm quite disconcerted by the conduct of my hosting company in all of this and may be looking to switch companies regardless of the outcome. I basically got some very rude responses about how my database was causing a load on their server. How selfish of me, I'm just paying for 40 GB of bandwith and 2.4 GB of disk space that I've never come close to using. Apparently the words, "I'm paying for this microphone" doesn't mean anything to thme."

They also hurled a bunch of MySQL jargon at me as if they expected me to debug the database I set up to install "B2" the obselete blog software that comes with my hosting company which I then upgraded to b2evolution. As someone who worked in technical support, I know that its a no-no.

Anyway, that brings us to tonight. Tonight I'm going to be uploading a lot of files to my web server to set up the install of the latest "non-beta" version of b2 evolution done, so I'll be at the computer and blogging from here. Once I get the old blog up, I'll discontinue the redirect and repost all the new stuff on the main blog. Thanks for bearing with us. Now, lets blog!