Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Brandi Swindell and Limited Government

Well, as my hosting provider decided to go down, I'm blogging here temporarily. Going to do a quick daily response to Brad Cozzens in the Letters to the Editor. Mr. Cozzens who identifies himself as an angry Republican writes:

The Republican Party that I know and love is based upon smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and I don't see how Brandi fits into those concepts.

That's a great question and I've got great answers. Lets start with a simple fact. Brandi will definitely represent a huge change in limited government compared to her opponent Maryanne Jordan.

Ms. Jordan voted 56 times year to date to increase taxes and fees in the City of Boise. 56 times and she's not done yet. They've increased fees on Charitable solicitors, taxi cab rates, dance lessons, and Merry-go-rounds. It doesn't take much to improve on a record of sticking it to the people of Boise time and time again.

Secondly, as a Boise homeowner, I support Brandi for City Council because she'll introduce legislation within her first 2-3 weeks on the Council to make sure that someday the City can't decide they want to take my home by eminent domain to build a big box store or a hotel. My wife and I have wanted a place of our own for years and we finally got it. It was a lot of hassle. First, we had to find the house. We had to get the home inspection, the appraisal, mortgage, grants, but after nearly 2 months from start to finish, we had our own house. In all of my life, even growing up, I'd never had a place my own. Making sure, that government can't capriously come and take my home from me is one of the best things that could be done to limit government.

So, Mr. Cozzens, in short that's what Brandi Swindell has to do with limited government and fiscal responsibility.