Friday, January 09, 2004

Everyone's talking about Googling people, has anyone tried amazoning them. As part of Amazon's search, when searching for a name it pulls up books that mention the name you search for. I tried for Alan Keyes and found that whenever Keyes is mentioned it is invariably for the failed campaign of 1996 or the failed campaign of 2000. Alan Dershowitz quotes Keyes extensively in many of his books. He was lesbian activist's Candace Gingrich's least favorite Republican Candidate, as well. (by the way has anyone noticed that with Newt out of power, Candace has faded from the landscape?) A couple people quoted from "Masters of the Dream" in their books. It's amazing how many people will mention Keyes merely to disparage him or because not mentioning him seemed incorrect. Keyes has been devalued in a lot of literature, a surprise to many who think no one's ever heard of him.