Saturday, September 13, 2003

If you go down to Western Montana in the Summer tp see Glacier National Park, visit the Miracle of America Museum. It's $3.00 to get in and well worth the price of admission (especially given what tourist traps around Glacier charge).

You enter the museum and it takes a full hour or more to get through all the stuff in there. Let me tell you it's a great collection of historical items, including plenty of World War II posters and memrobillia. They even have a tank and an old car in there. Also, they have several old machines that work including an early video game from the 1960s, as well as several music playing machines from the early 20th Century.

Once you get into the cafe portion of the museum, you may think it's over. You could be more wrong. Because through the back door is the yard, full of historical stuff. They have made historical buildings with schools (the school had a NEA newsletter from teh 1940s talking about the importance of religion in school). Also had a lot of stuff out there. The only negative about the museum is that the yard is very eclectic. It has the stereotypical design of a redneck's back yard, but few rednecks have Fighter Jets, Tanks, and Helicopters on their front yard.

You can't sit on a lot of the cool equipment, the tanks and fighter jets are sealed, but you can sit in the helicopter and there's a huge tug boat you can climb on.

More than that, the museum is very conservative and it will remind you why you should be proud to be an American.