Sunday, November 17, 2002

Update on The Montana Fraud Association . Judgment Day is Coming for Don Cyphers. The matter is now before the Montana Wage and Hour Board. Cyphers has eight days now to respond to my complaint or else to pay me the money. If he does neither, judgment will be entered against him and he'll have to pay me a penalty of 110% interest.

I personally hope he just pays me, but if he does insist on contesting this, I pray that he gets the penalty, he's put me through so much trouble just to get the money I earned. I just want to see this resolved quickly at this point. I could use the money that I earned for some vitally necessary expenses.

Church went well yesterday. The sermon was well-received on Hebrews 13. (God is good). Wrote two columns for "All For Christ". The Bible on Sex and The Bible on Grace

Also, I found out at work that I got my Pay for Performance at work. :)