Friday, November 29, 2002

The reason I haven't posted anything in a while is that I have bought a new e-machines PC and have been working on getting it set up since Friday. It's a cool computer, I'm glad we got it. I haven't had 10% of the Fatal error messages I had with my old Windows 98 PC.

Also bought 4 CDs from Sound-And-Spirit last pay period. Below are my reviews of two of them:

Bob Carlisle "Butterfly Kisses" CD is a great collection but didn't he put one out a few years ago? Particularly cool is a track where he, Bebe Winans, and Clay Crosse sang "I Will Follow Christ", "My Testimony", "Abba, Father" and the song I got the CD for in the first place, "You're Beautiful" was wonderful. The only song I didn't like was "The Truth" which was more of a biographical song for Bob Carlisle but didn't work for me.

I realized what the key element of Bob Carlisle's success is. His music is incredibly honest. He doesn't sing too many songs about the greatness of God as an isolated incident but rather in conjuction with his own weakness and failures. We can relate to what he's singing about because we've felt the same way at our failures, yet he always sings of hope and God's grace.

The Dove Hits 2001 was the CD I actually paid for as I actually got the other three free + shipping. I was pleasantly surprised by the CD. In most collections, I find two or three songs that I like, this one I only had one song I didn't like. Shaun Groves and Sarah Groves made a really positive impression on me.

Both of these CDs were awesome and I heartily reccomend them.