Thursday, October 31, 2002

Just finished my first month at my new job. (You know the one that pays me.) :) Praise the Lord, I think I may be in for a bonus. Not that that means anything to me. :)

Right now I'm also working on an E-book of poetry. While I'm somewhat reluctant about this whole e-book business, I don't believe there's much chance of selling a book of poetry any other way in this day and age.

Also considering what else to do with the site. I'm thinking of adding some commentaries on either Christian issues or Politics or both. I'm reluctant to do the self-publishing route though in either case. I spent a good 2 years self-publishing political articles and got amazingly few comments for my efforts. Then again, even though I'm on a cool site like, I haven't even gotten a piece of fan mail. I'd settle for hate mail, just to know I was getting some reaction.

If my wife and I had been born six years earlier, we could have jumped on the online bandwagon early like all the established sites (like but my last experience with a start-up was incredibly bad. Me and several writers were publishing on a pay-per-click web-server and a pay-per-click article server. Both went out of business and so ended my brief career in E-zines.

Self-promotion efforts haven't been too successful. I, think that most of the awards I've applied for have been down or something. Regardless, haven't heard a word from anybody.

I'll need to get a new picture for the front page, that one wasn't too great, plus I'm now sporting a beard and mustache (it'll keep my face warm during the Winter.).

I've filed some claims with the Labor Department on Don Cyphers. Haven't heard anything back yet. I'm hopeful though. A lady from there read the site and contacted me by e-mail and I called her. She seemed to think something could be done for me. I pray she's right.

Pray for Saturday's service, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to preach but I know I'll sing, "I've Been Through the Water". I got it on a discount CD from Christian Book Supply and it's been stuck in my head ever since.